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"Hi. I just tried your new Satay Chicken frozen meal. delicious!! My new go to quick meal. Can't wait to try the other flavours. Just wanted to say well done! Cheers. "

- Kristy

"I don't have a huge amount of faith in prepackaged meals, but I saw your product and as Satay is a personal favourite of mine I thought I'd try it. The first mouthful and I went to heaven - I never expected anything to taste that good. I don't normally email, but your satay was so perfect - the chicken so tender. I'm going to buy this again - I am now going to try all your products. Thank you so much - I am very impressed."

- Sarah, Kaiapoi

"Quite simply: wow! I’ll be honest, having shared a house with Thai people and cooking Thai food with authentic ingredients, I regularly like to try out Thai ready meals and am regularly disappointed. Not this time :) If your other dishes are up to this level, I shall have to buy a bigger freezer, lol!"

- Simon, Wellington

"Hi over the last week I have bought your meals,(wife away)well I must say these are the best frozen meals I have ever had, the taste is excellent, today I bought some more, please keep up the good work. I will recommend your meals to other people, knowing that they won't be disappointed."

- Ian

"Hi folks. Some complementary feedback. I had your lovely curry for dinner tonight with a serving of green beans. Such a delicious flavour and impressive that you didn’t have a huge sodium content. A big thanks. It will find its way into my freezer as a permanent resident."

- Joyce

"Just wanted to say this was so nice and will definitely be purchasing again (Kungfood Thai Green Chicken Frozen Meal 400g)."

- Sue, Wellington

"Love your delicious dumplings. You are doing a wonderful thing in striving for flavour and quality. Lots of cheap average dumplings around, so good to discover your high-quality food. All the best. Just got some of your pork steam buns, looking forward to trying them out."

- Daniel

"Hi there. I just wanted to express how amazed I am by the quality of the frozen meals that you make. As a nurse with shift work I've tried countless different frozen meals, these by far are both the tastiest and best quality that I have tried, so good I had to let you know! Definitely will continue to buy your brand!"

- Bella

"I have just eaten my first Kungfood Satay Chicken meal. My congratulations on this lovely tasty flavoursome meal. I loved it. Thanks. Keep up the good work."

- Carol

"I absolutely love your big steamed buns teriyaki chicken I just tried one they are so nice."

- Tayla, Christchurch

"OMG just tried your THAI GREEN CHICKEN CURRY great taste (alot more spicey tastey in a good way than I expected). Will definitely go and try other flavours.... and it is Made in NZ High 5!! "

- Helen, Matamata

"Hi there, I just wanted to let you how much I enjoyed your Thai Green Chicken! You weren’t kidding when you said it is restaurant quality. Because of Covid restrictions I am having to travel with my own food and this will be top of my list from now on. I can’t wait to try the rest of your range. Keep up the good work."

- Annemieke, Albany