About Our Products

Why the brand ‘KUNGFOOD?’

Hi…..ya! Like our clever play on words? We are fans of good ol’ classic Kung Fu movies, but we got deep and took inspiration from the Chinese definition of ‘Kung fu.’ That’s all about mastering a skill through hard work. With Master Jack’s help, we’ve put in the hard yards to deliver you top notch, Kiwi Asian fusion food.

Are your products made in New Zealand?

Our KUNGFOOD range is proudly made here in Godzone, New Zealand.

Where do you source the ingredients for KUNGFOOD products?

Our ingredients have been carefully chosen from quality suppliers. Where possible, ingredients are sourced locally. The origin of our main ingredients are listed below:

Chicken: New Zealand
Pork: Australia, Finland or Spain
Vegetables: Depending on availability, our main vegetables are supplied from a local farm in Pukekohe, Auckland
High quality refined flour: Australia

Where can I find the Best Before Date on your products?

Our Best Before Date is printed on the back of our packs in a little white box next to the barcode.

Are KUNGFOOD products gluten free?

Our KUNGFOOD products are not gluten free. Please refer to the Ingredients List in the Our Range section for allergens per product.

What about allergens?

Please refer to the Ingredients List in the Our Range section for allergens per product.

Are your products MSG free?

Our KUNGFOOD products contain no added MSG (Flavour enhancer 621).

Are the KUNGFOOD trays recyclable?

Yes, they are made of PP plastic (Polypropylene) and can be recycled (Recycle Code 5). Please be a tidy Kiwi and pop our trays in your recycling bin. Chop to it!

How many Dumplings are in a pack?

There are 12 delicious BIG Dumplings per pack.

How many Steam Buns are in a pack?

There are 4 delicious fluffy Steam Buns per pack in our 400g packs. There is 1 BIG fluffy Bun in our 150g Steam Bun packs.

Are your Dumplings pre-cooked?

No, our Dumplings are not pre-cooked and the filling is frozen raw. Boil, Steam or Pan-Fry from frozen according to our Cooking Instructions until tender and cooked. The filling should be piping hot.

Is the meat in your Steam Buns pre-cooked?

Yes, the meat in our Steam Buns is pre-cooked. Steam or Microwave from frozen according to our Cooking Instructions until the meat inside is steaming hot.

What makes your KUNGFOOD dough special?

Our special dough rolling process that involves the dough being continuously rolled and folded at least 11 times according to ancient Chinese techniques.

Getting the best OUT of your KUNGFOOD Products

How should I store my KUNGFOOD products?

Please store our KUNGFOOD products in the freezer at -18° degrees Celsius.

Do I cook KUNGFOOD products from frozen?

Yes, please cook our KUNGFOOD products from frozen. Do not thaw.

How do I cook my KUNGFOOD products?

Please see our Cooking Instructions section for detailed information on how to be a KUNGFOOD Master in your kitchen!


Where can I purchase KUNGFOOD products?

KUNGFOOD products are available from selected Countdown, New World and Pak’n Save supermarkets nationwide. For Stockist information click here.

Where do I find KUNGFOOD products in the supermarket?

You’ll find our KUNGFOOD range (Dumplings and Steam Buns) in the frozen section of selected Countdown, New World and Pak’n Save stores nationwide.

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